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We offer a great place to advertise because of our unique demographic. Our listeners have unique needs and habits. Brits in the Wood listeners need immigration lawyers. They need packing companies, shipping companies, moving companies. Many of them keep a strong link with the UK, in fact 20% of our demographic travel to Britain at least once a year. They buy airline tickets, stay at hotels and rent cars. They buy travel insurance and medical insurance. When they can’t fly home, they call. They like to watch British movies, enjoy British shows on television, go to concerts featuring British artists, buy books by British authors and attend British events.

Who are our listeners

Our listeners include a diverse group of folk. There are 760,000 Brits living in the USA and as many as 300,000 in Southern California alone. That’s a lot of Brits and this number is growing every year.

Launched in January 2017 it’s still early days for our podcast but research shows we expect 50% of our listeners to primarily be British immigrants to the United States, ranging from new arrivals to naturalised veterans of many years. 25% will be Brits in the UK who are planning a trip or just want an insight into California living.13% will be Americans doing business with the British community or Anglophiles who enjoy British culture, and the other 12% are members of other English-speaking immigrant communities including Irish, Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders and South Africans.

Why advertise with us

Our listeners who have made it to American shores are life’s go getters, they’re dynamic. They’ve already succeeded in their dream of getting here, now they’re making their mark on American life. They’re driven, they’re decision makers, they’re industry leaders and strong contributors to the film, fashion, business, science, TV, music and automotive industries. They’re life’s movers and shakers.

We also have listeners of all ages living in the UK who have a fascination with Hollywood. You’ll find many of them regularly sipping tea and gazing out of their windows on rainy British afternoons dreaming of sunshine and stardom. However, these budding superstars need advice on visas and travel and where to stay and how to get a foot in the door of their relevant industries. Others just download our podcast to be entertained on their Monday morning commute. They want a glimpse of LA life and find Caroline and Claire’s escapades somewhat amusing.

Other listeners are planning a trip to LA to see what it’s all about and just want the Tinseltown low down of where to go, what to do and where to stalk the Kardashians.

This website is also a useful resource for listeners featuring all podcast episodes, real-time RSS feeds from the BBC, a guide to the best British blogs, useful links, as well as unique, dynamic content updated daily. Our weekly email blast also goes to all our subscribers weekly keeping them up to date with exclusive events and news.

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